Designer clothing for women

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Discover the wide range of designer clothes of all kinds, colors and shapes. Even if you are looking for something extraordinary, we can provide you with it.

A single place for designers, stylists, fashion journalists and clothing manufacturers, Stylex provides a wide range of services and products connected with the world of fashion. Our website combines all the best features of a fashion blog and a starting ground for young yet promising fashion journalists, designers and stylists.

When the majority of fashion websites offer an increasing amount of clothes from both designers and renowned clothing manufacturers, Stylex makes a great difference in comparison with our competitors. Since 2006, when our company appeared, we have been pursuing the aim of educating the talented and aspiring journalists, designers and stylists who wish to enter the world of fashion. Among them were even those who established their own clothing design companies and fashion magazines later.

For 9 years of our activity both on the Web and during various fashion shows all around the world, we have been offering members of our team a unique chance to become a part of the fashion industry and to make a significant contribution to it.